On the road 9! Andrej Tonejc about his experience from coaching a junior to world no1. (in English)


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Andrej Tonejc has experience e as a coach from building up and coordinate the national center in Zagreb for the Croatian Tennis Federation. One of the player Tonejc coached was Marin Cilic from 14 years of age during his junior years. During this time Cilic won the French Open and reached the position as number 1 in the world. Tonejc came to Sweden to work for the Academy of KLTK where he spend three years before he switched to Näsbyparks Tennisklubb where he currently works. In this episode we talk about: - how to structure a successful national center - the key factors behind Marin Cilic success - why Sweden overall struggles with producing international tour players but are successful with sending over players to college - the difference between Swedish and Croatian coaching styles - what differs between the players mentality in Sweden and Croatia - Tonejc view of Djokovic and Murray from the junior years - why Cilic succeeded in the transition from juniors to seniors Visit www.linuspabaslinjen.com for more videos and articles about tennis!

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