On the road 7! Fabio Molle about his fantastic journey with Functional Tennis (In English)


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We have a very special guest in this episode when Fabio Molle tells us about his fantastic journey with Functional Tennis! Fabio is from Italy but are living on Ireland today. He have during a few years time build the brand Functional Tennis to be one of the best known names in the tennis community today! With 406 000 followers on Instagram and a great podcast it's a big chance all of you know or follow Functional Tennis and already! In this great chat we talk about: - who Fabio is, his background and why he started Functional Tennis - how you get that many followers on social media and build a big audience - the future for Functional Tennis and what's next in pipeline - what Fabio have learned from all his interviews and conversations with tennis fans, coaches and players - his Swedish guests in the podcast and the his view of Swedish tennis If you don't already do it, follow "functionaltennis" on social media and head over to their website www.functionaltennis.com On the website www.linuspabaslinjen.com you can read more about tennis, but mainly in Swedish though...

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