On the road 22! Pedro Rico about experience from private coaching on high level


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Pedro Rico, born 1980 in Spain, has experience from coaching a lot of very interesting players during important years in their career! - Carlos Boluda, a player that was considered to be the next Rafael Nadal. How was it to work with a players with that high expectations around him? - Roberto Bautista Agut, a player ranked inside top 100 and the first full time gig Pedro had. - 2014 Pedro began working with Casper Ruud together with Christian and began a journey that took them to the number 1 position in the world on the junior ranking. Pedro tells us everything about building Caspers game and being a part of the team around him. - Today Pedro is coaching the talented Swedish junior Kevin Edengren. How much do Pedro try to copy how they build Casper Ruuds game when working with Edengren now? And much, much more in a great episode!

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