On the road 10! Paul Kostin about 45 years of college experience (in English)


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The Swede Paul Kostin started studying and playing for University of Arkansas at Little Rock 1974. After his own college career as a player he tried playing professional before starting to teach at a private club for a couple of years before going back to the college world and coach at Arkansas for 9 years followed by 30 years at Virginia Commonwealth University. In July 2020 Kostin retired and today we look back at his legacy as a college coach. In this episode we talk about: - why he stayed over 30 years at Virginia Commonwealth University - what the biggest change in collegetennis have been during his era - the difference between coaching at a private club and college players - what Kostin have changed in his coaching during 39 years as a college coach - how the society have changed and in what way that has affected his approach on court since he started coaching - if he think college is a good pathway to the professional tour Visit www.linuspabaslinjen.com for more interviews and videos about tennis. Special thanks to my sponsors: www.houseofbontin.se www.tennisshopen.se www.euroelite.info www.tennisfashion.se

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