10: Ethical and Sustainable Clothing with Kristi Soomer, Founder and CEO of Encircled


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In this episode, Kristi Soomer, the founder and CEO of Encircled, discusses with me what makes Encircled both ethical and sustainable. During this episode, she gives insight into what a capsule wardrobe looks like (which is a great way to have a sustainable closet if you are busy and short on time) think less laundry and faster morning routines! Kristi shares her personal experience as a business owner during the pandemic and ended the episode with a challenge that empowers all of us to be the change in the world.

Kristi Soomer is the founder and CEO of Encircled, a Canadian-made line of versatile, sustainably made clothing that helps women streamline their wardrobes. Coming from a non-traditional background for a fashion designer, Kristi holds an MBA from Queen’s University and a Bachelor of Administrative and Commercial Studies, with a specialization in Economics, from Western University.
Inspired by her love of travel and dislike for checking a bag, Kristi started Encircled in 2012 as a side gig while she was working as a management consultant. Kristi’s first multi-way design - The Chrysalis Cardi - was made on the kitchen floor of her condo using a sewing machine she found on Craigslist. Over the next two years, Kristi immersed herself in fabric research and courses in illustrating and sewing to create a capsule collection of sustainably made basics and multi-way clothing. In 2014, Kristi left her corporate job to open Encircled’s first studio space in Toronto.
As CEO of Encircled, Kristi is committed to meeting high ethical and sustainable standards in all aspects of her company, from using fabrics that honor the environment to providing good working conditions and fair wages for her sewers.
This is an episode you won't want to miss!
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