Midweek Newsreel #36 - News from the new decade!


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Were back! The year 2020 is here and hopefully the best gaming year yet. We're starting of the year with a news episode, we will do a deep dive on the year 2020 this Sunday. CES are in full motion which mean a lot of tech, it seems that the Switch might have competition in the future from Alienware's UFO. The game series Witcher have recently got a TV series, we discuss it and give you our take on it.

Final Fantasy XII is going to get a demo before the release of the game, Valve's Underlords is losing players, a lot of players. Wargroove is getting a huge update and it's free, Blizzard is retiering StarCraft 2 WCS and handing it over to ESL and Dreamhack in it's place. This and more in the first episode of 2020.

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