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Welcome to the official page of Let's Be Honest Podcast! A podcast full of free flowing conversations, discussion and debates, giving you the honesty supplied by no others. Two guys full of honesty and questionable opinions. Tune in every Monday on SoundCloud & iTunes for a crazy conversation with a hint of seriousness but a whole load of honesty. The views of the hosts of this podcast are views of the hosts only. Listeners discretion is advised. SUBSCRIBE TO US ON YOUTUBE: LETS BE HONEST TV We are also available on iTunes PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND REVIEW HELP US SPREAD THE WORD: #LetsBeHonestPodcast Follow our Hosts on Twitter & Instagram: @HoodXPope @KalexWzy For Topics & Questions Please email us at: letsbehonestpod@gmail.com Alternatively you can Direct Message us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter: @letsbehonestpod

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