Legacy A Star Wars Audio Drama - Episode Eight


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Xerrin confronts Elijah about his loyalties. Mekethia tightens the net around Laresa's children, and Lancoro takes a step closer to the dark side.


First of all, we’ve started a Biggest Fan of the Show Competition. At the end of Season 2, the winner of this competition will get Laresa’s Lightsaber, with the box signed by the cast. That gives you plenty of time to figure out how you’re gonna show us, me, the cast, why YOu are the biggest fan of the show. I cannot wait to hear what you’re gonna come up with.

One more announcement: If you’ve been enjoying Legacy, I encourage you to come hangout with us! We’ve got a discord server, and soon we’ll have a facebook group. To join the discord click the link down in the description or go to https://dsc.gg/crystalsimagination. And you can join us Tuesday evenings at 7 EST / 6 CST for the Legacy After Show, where I talk with the cast about the episode and related topics. We do those on twitch, twitch.tv/crystalsimagination. Just click the link down in the description.

Thanks you guys! Rolling the rest of the credits…

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Episode 8 features voice performances by Bunbarian, Adam Koreman, Melissa Okey, Ray Ray Stakenas, Eric and Kendra Mikols, Jake Reicher, Gwama Hairstonel, Alejandro, Paz, James Gavsie, and Devin Tyus

Legacy’s theme song is composed by Daniel Ciurlizza, titled Star Wars Dark Side Themes Reimagined. Additional amazing music tracks contributed to this episode. Please read the description for full credits and links to each track.

Legacy is a work of fan fiction, created inside the Star Wars Old Republic Universe. It is written, directed, and produced by Crystal Storm. The Daklan family are original characters created by Crystal. A big thank you to Bioware, LucasArts, and Disney for providing such a rich world to create in.

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