The Pulse of Payments - Petr Kozyakov, Co-founder & CEO of Mercuryo | Episode 112


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This is the second episode of this quarter's Pulse of Payments series and I’m talking with Petr Kozyakov, the Co-founder and CEO of Mercuryo. The topic for today’s episode is crypto payments – or better said accepting cryptocurrency as a method of payment.

Everyday there are articles being written about Bitcoin, Stablecoin and other cryptocurrencies but typically that is related to buying and holding these cryptocurrencies with the hope that the price goes up but what I am most interested in is understand more about cryptocurrency as a method of payment.

Mercuryo was built to bridge the gap between fiat and crypto. Petr and I discuss the advantages and disadvantages of accepting crypto currencies. We talk about the consumer demand to pay with crypto currencies as well as the global regulatory environment and much much more.

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