Flint Lane, CEO & Founder, Billtrust | Episode 119


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Flint Lane, CEO and Founder of Billtrust is our special guest this week on episode 119 of the Leaders in Payments podcast.

Flint grew up on Long Island, New York and from the beginning thought he was going to be a software developer for life. After a few software jobs, he started a company called PayTrust, sold it and started Billtrust in his basement in September of 2001.

Billtrust exists to help medium and large companies digitize their financial supply chain – think b2b payments. They went public in January and expect to do $125 million in revenue this year.

Billtrust has always been in the cloud and is sold via a subscription model. They are the market leader for AR solutions and have been in business for 20 years.

He’s the Leaders in Payments first star table tennis or ping pong player. He plays competitively several times a week.

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