Financial Inclusion - V. Balasubramanian, CEO of FSS CashTech | Episode 126


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We’re halfway through financial inclusion month and we’ve had some really amazing guests share some of the industry’s top challenges regarding financial inclusion – as well as what their respective companies are doing to proactively close that gap. Today, I speak with FSS CashTech CEO V. Bala about the overwhelming strain of financial inclusion in India and what FSS is doing to alleviate it.

An engineer by trade, Bala has had 30+ years of experience in the technology sector, with the last decade dedicated to payments specifically. His self-proclaimed strength is working with startups to make them successful and he has done nothing short of that with FSS and their CashTech product.

In this episode, Bala shares the staggering numbers of the underserved villages in India. How are there still an estimated 1 billion people still devoid of financial services in one of the hottest pulse points of digital disruption? And what is being done to service these individuals?

Bala goes into great detail about the FSS branch-in-a-box solution that is proactively alleviating the two main barriers to financial inclusion: available access and digital literacy. The initiative, itself, is admirable and the results are quite impressive. The ultimate goal? To uplift 1 billion lives through their own payments ecosystem.

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