Financial Inclusion Roundtable Discussion with The Clearing House, Paysafecash & Instant Financial | Episode 128


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As we come to the close of financial inclusion month, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge my guests in terms of what they’re doing to promote financial inclusion and ensure the betterment of our flourishing ecosystem. It’s because of proactive efforts like this that we are getting closer to closing the gap between all the advantages that digital innovations provide and all the challenges that the underserved communities face in trying to take advantage of them.

In this podcast, each of my sponsors for Financial Inclusion Month take the opportunity to highlight what they’re doing within their companies to service the underserved. We touch on everything from the current payment dilemma, to how we can effectively change the employee’s relationship with their paycheck, to how the strain of cash-only transactions impacts the rental, lending and government verticals specifically.

Each guest brings a unique perspective as they highlight fintech’s relationship with financial inclusion, including what needs to be done to future proof our journey towards banking the unbanked.

Today’s roundtable discussion includes The Clearing House SVP of Sales and Relationship Management Elena Whisler, Paysafe VP of eCash USA Jan Marc Kuelper and Instant Financial Founder and COO Steve Barha. Tune in to see what these three innovative leaders have to say about all things financial inclusion!

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