James Burrows on 'Directed by James Burrows: Five Decades of Stories from the Legendary Director of Taxi, Cheers, Frasier, Friends, Will & Grace, and More'


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Larry weighs in on his acting role in the upcoming movie 'Jerry and Marge Go Large', guns, and the January 6th hearings. He's then joined by Emmy-award winning director James Burrows to talk about his new memoir 'Directed by James Burrows'. They begin their conversation by discussing James's early life growing up in show business, his legendary father, and how a stint in regional theatre prepared him for and open doors to directing in television.(16:51) Burrows then shares some amazing anecdotes from his time working on some of the most important shows in TV history, including 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show',(32:58) 'Taxi',(42:14) 'Cheers',(57:32) and 'Will & Grace'(1:09:31). After James and Larry praise the genius of the great Andy Kaufman (44:29) they end the podcast by examining the technical aspects of creating a sitcom pilot and giving advice to people who aspire to be television directors.(1:14:34)

Host: Larry Wilmore

Guest: James Burrows

Producer: Chris Sutton

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