Sanga 18 - Titiksava Karunika


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Welcome to Episode 18 of the Sanga podcast. In this episode, Nagaraja reads the welcome letter from the May / June 2007 issue of our Back to Godhead magazine, to give you a glimpse of what's inside. If you like what you hear and you are not yet a subscriber, give it a try at
In news from our gift store, Loka concentrates on new items just arrived. (Find links below.)
Finally, this week, Manu interviews Titiksava Karunika Dasa, the singer, songwriter and guitar player known for his bands Krishnautix and Namrock.
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Here are links for the items discussed in this episode:
Black Lotus
Spiritual First Aid Kit
Pin-tuck Pants & Kurti, Celtic blue
Pin-tuck Pants & Kurti, Heather Green
Pin-tuck Pants & Kurti, Highland Rose
Desert Song White Dress
Sleeveless Kurti and Pants, Olive Linen
Sleeveless Kurti and Pants, Peach Linen
Tuxedo Front Kurti, Mimosa
Tuxedo Front Kurti, Island Blue
Brijbasi Blouse, Dawn
Brijbasi Blouse, Dusk
Chikan Kurti, Ocean Blue
Chikan Kurti, Parrot Green
Chikan Kurti, Spring Green
Chikan Kurti, Twilight Purple
Chikan Kurti, Pink Chiffon
Silk-look Kurti, Boysenberry
Silk-look Kurti, Ivory
Maharani Extra-Long Kurti

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