The Suzuki Method Teaches Little Children To Do Great Things


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If you’ve seen a 3-year old wielding a quarter-size violin and sawing at its strings to play Mozart, chances are you witnessed a student of the Suzuki Method. Created by Japanese educator, Shinichi Suzuki, the Suzuki Method is how many young American children learn to play classical music on the violin, cello and piano, among other instruments. But the Suzuki Method isn’t just about teaching children to master Bach or a vehicle for Tiger Parents to cultivate exceptional children. Rather, it’s an approach to education that believes talent is a muscle to be developed and that all children should be measured against their own abilities. We’ll talk about Suzuki and why he believed that little children could do great things.


Eri Hotta, author, Suzuki: The Man and His Dream to Teach The Children of the World

Cathy Lee, Suzuki Method educator, Lee studied directly with Shinichi Suzuki, and has taught violin for over 40 years. She has also trained dozens of teachers in the Suzuki Method.

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