Report Uncovers Culture of Harassment, Discrimination At San Diego’s Largest Employers


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A detailed report from The San Diego Union-Tribune has revealed a pervasive culture of sexual harassment and discrimination among some of the county's largest employers. Plus, Rady Children's Hospital officials are reporting 25% increase in mental health visits to their emergency room of children experiencing mental health issues. And over the past several decades, hundreds or maybe thousands of U.S. military veterans have been deported after being convicted of crimes, sometimes decades after they left the service. Then, for some Asian women who were on the fence about buying guns for protection, the racist violence of the past year pushed them over the edge. Finally, OnStage Playhouse reopened last week for in-person performances. And the first play at the Chula Vista-based company is timely. "Sheepdog." deals with race and policing issues.

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