#36 Katarzyna Pagowska och Taavi Suisalu, A.I.R. Blekinge 2019


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Katarzyna Pagowska och Taavi Suisalu, A.I.R. Blekinge 2019 A.I.R. Blekinge, Artist in Residence Blekinge, Sweden A residence with a focus on artists from countries around the Baltic Sea. October 7th – November 3rd, 2019. Katarzyna Pagowska (PL) is a Warsaw based visual artist; her foremost artistic fields are performative actions, installation and photography. She often produces or places socially responsive works in public spaces. She has run art workshops with participants from various communities in UK, Poland, Germany and Sweden. Katarzyna has studied Philosophy at the Warsaw University (M.A.), Sculpture at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (M.A.), and Fine Art at the Falmouth College of Fine Arts, (UK). Taavi Suisalu (EE) works in the contexts of technology, sound and performance, mixing traditional and contemporary sensibilities and activating peripheral spaces for imaginative encounters. His practice is informed by phenomena of contemporary society and its relations to and use of technologies. He applies subjective research methods to study socio-cultural phenomena, being interested in the behaviour, perception and thinking of social beings.

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