The Jupiter Twins: The Magic Begins


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In tonight's bedtime story, we’re leaving Sleepy Forest and travelling to a magical school that lies beneath the streets of a busy city. It’s the first story in a brilliant series called The Jupiter Twins. We’ll join Lily and Jake Jupiter on their first day of school and share the wonders which await them inside the enchanted building.

Abbe will start tonight's episode with a quick introduction to help your little one get cosy before she begins reading the magical bedtime story, written especially for children with calming sleep music.
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Throughout the series, the magical sleep meditations & short stories will be delivered in a relaxed, audiobook style, with calming sleep music. your little ones will learn all about Koko the Koala, his family, friends and his adventures but they’ll also hear other relaxing stories too - about children with magic powers, bouncy puppies and very wise wildlife.
Narrator 🎙 Abbe Opher
Author ✍️ Gillian Rogerson

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