Kodsnack 462 - A little metaverse in itself, with Niels Østergaard


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Fredrik chats with Niels Østergaard about working with AR and VR. How is the experience is different and how can you think differently about VR and AR? VR can take you to a completely different place, but you still have to worry about the physical world around you breaking the immersion (or your TV).

We discuss “the M-word” - metaverse - what and who is it for? Niels explains how it might actually be useful in some circumstances!

What’s exciting right now in AR? Remember how AR is already here in a lot of ways - including in most people’s phones. Who makes the most exciting devices right now, who makes intersting AR experiences, and will Apple’s possible headsets make any difference?

What’s missing right now? Niels thinks more of common formats would be useful - to make it easier to move content between experiences. Niels also predicts AI-supported generation of content will be a big thing.

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