Kodsnack 362 - It's hard to get mad at the bot, with Nate Ebel


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Recorded at Øredev 2019, Fredrik talks to Nate Ebel about special cases in programming - like the importance of performance when it comes to drawing. Then we discuss automation - also the topic of Nate’s talk at the conference. Code review should be an enjoyable thing! Nate discusses how to use tools to automate away all the little things you might want to check during development - such as how the size of the built app changes. As a bonus, it’s hard to get mad at a picky bot.

We also discuss the importance and difficulty of taking the extra step and making your automation really turnkey, instead of something you set up once and then forgot to maintain or make easy for others to use.

We talk about the book Nate just (at the time of the interview) wrote on Kotlin. We discuss both the approach and contents of the book, and also the process of actually writing the book.

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  • Automate literally all the things
  • More like a turnkey thing
  • As if it was another person
  • It’s hard to get mad at the bot
  • Go copy this random script
  • Hello world plus
  • Such an all or nothing approach

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