#49 Leyla Acaroglu – Design created the mess. Design can get us out of it


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Leyla Acarouglu is an award winning designer, social scientist and entrepreneur, who challenges people to think differently about how the world works. Yes she even calls herself a sustainability provocateur. Leyla was awarded 2016 Champion of the Earth by the United Nations Environment Programme and her TED talk on sustainability has been b´viewed over a million times and she leads presentations around the world on activating positive social and environmental change through creative interventions. She is the founder of the UnSchool of Disruptive Design, and two design agencies, Disrupt Design and Eco Innovators. She even holds a PHD in how to make change in the world. In this interview we talk about how design created the mess we are in and how design can get us out of it, about the importance of system thinking and circular economy, and how we can change the educational system to better meet the challenges of today. And much more.

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