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Al and Joe have been friends for many years and have spent countless hours drinking beer and trying to solve the world's problems. In the summer of 2017 Joe asked Al if he wanted to do a podcast. After some discussion and setup they launched "Kinda Right" in November of 2017. Finding a title was not a difficult task. Both are humorous and self deprecating so they searched for a title that didn't portray their opinions as absolutely correct. Joe thought of "Somewhat Correct" and after some discussion Al came up with "Kinda Right". An afterthought was that some may construe the word "Right" as "Right Wing" which is absolutely not the case. Rather they are inferring they get some things "correct" now and again. Though both are college educated, they are both blue collar and have been self employed most of their lives. This makes for a thoughtful, lively and often profanity laced discussion on the topics of the day. They are thoroughly disgusted with a lot of the cultural shifts taking place in the US and around the world and opine on those issues with great vigor, along with other news of the day. To quote them: "We both love to talk shit, we like being right but would rather be funny and crack each other up, this is entertainment for us, and hopefully for you listeners as well" They are two friends with two mikes and have a lot of opinions; many are probably wrong but funny nonetheless. Enjoy the show.

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