From Software's Next Game Sooner Than We Think?! - Kinda Funny Games Daily 06.24.22


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Blessing and Janet talk about a whole bunch of From Software news, Into The Breach coming to Netflix gaming, and what's up with Subway Surfers?

Time Stamps -

00:00:00 - Intro

00:05:16 - Housekeeping

00:08:11- From Software's Next Project is in its Final Stages

00:25:00 Into the Breach comes into the mobile space via Netflix

00:30:48 - Ads

00:31:52 - Chris Pratt Says His Super Mario Bros. Voice Is ‘Unlike Anything You’ve Heard in the Mario World

00:40:53 - Sonic Origins Developer 'Very Unhappy' With Current State of the Remastered Collection

00:47:00 - Andy does his mario impression

00:49:00 - Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot Is Taking a Large Paycut

00:59:01 - Miniclip will acquire Subway Surfers maker Sybo

1:01:32 - Out Today & You're Wrong

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