Will Pokemon Legends: Arceus Be Good? - Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.13.22


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Greg and Tim talk Pokemon, DICE Awards nominees, and more!

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The Roper Report -

00:11:12 - Pokemon Legends: Arceus 13-minute Gameplay preview

00:23:50 - DICE Awards Noms

00:38:32 - Ad

00:41:47 - Hitman 3’s Year 2 Content Revealed

00:44:30 - Is January truly shaping up to be the best month in Gamepass history? - dhruvenator

00:48:20 - Xbox Ones are no longer being made, Tom Warren @ The verge

00:53:40 - New Uncharted Movie Poster

00:57:00 - Out today

00:59:40 - You‘re Wrong

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