Episode 98: Integrative Health Coach & Author of "No Fricken Weigh! 21 Days to Ditch the Diet & Shed the Weight the Keto Way" Tracee Gluhaich


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More info about my guest:

My name is Tracee Gluhaich and I am an Integrative Health Coach and Personal Trainer in California. My new book. No Fricken Weigh! 21 Days to Ditch the Diet and Shed the Weight the Keto Way hit the stores on May 23rd and was #1 New Release

Nutrition is my passion and I have been a voracious student since 2007. I have been teaching fitness classes at our local YMCA since 2010 and personal training as well. My passion is teaching and inspiring women how to age stronger and ditch the old-fashioned dieting mentality. They can heal their bodies and reach their wellness goals by focusing on nourishing self-care and healthy fat whole foods. Currently, I have two podcasts of my own: Be Well, Be Keto and High Energy Girl.

NO FRICKEN WEIGH! 21 Days to Ditch the dieT; lose weight the keto way BY LOVING YOURSELF TO HEALTH

The first non-diet plan that focuses on healing foods and nourishing self-care. No counting calories or points, we mindfully eat what our bodies need and crowd out the crap. By filling your life with joyful activities and nourishing self-care, the need to stuff our emotions and fill the gaps with food disappears. The focus is on creating a lasting lifestyle change.

The crazy success of No Fricken Weigh proves that there is a demand for diets that are not deprivation based. Women are tired of starting the same program every Monday, only to get side-lined by Friday. And the ketogenic lifestyle is more than the current fad. The health benefits people have experienced, and the science supporting it, has proven its sustainability. Combining these two concepts is a unique way to create a healthier life.

No Fricken Weigh features 21 healing foods with recipes and 21 nourishing self-care practices that the reader can add into her week. It also uncovers false dogma that we believed, that made us fatter, sicker, and unhappy. By following the principles and journaling activities in the book, the reader can fill her life with healthy habits, implement the ketogenic lifestyle, and release the extra weight to achieve true health.


The host of the fabulous podcast, Be Well, Be Keto, Tracee Gluhaich has studied nutrition voraciously since 2007. After watching her father suffer with heart disease and cancer and her mom suffer from depression and Alzheimer’s disease, she was determined to change her genetic trajectory. Tracee has been on a mission to share the evidence-based approach to healthy living that empowered her to regain control of her health with women around the world. Trained as an Integrative Health Coach and Personal Trainer, Tracee helps women reprogram their body and mind to win as a professional by creating a strong body and a smart mind. She helps them burn body fat, boost their energy, and be stronger in 90 days without going hungry or living in the gym.

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