Episode 95: Fat Fueled Author & Entrepreneur, Derek Tye, shares with us his insights into making the Keto Lifestyle work for YOU!


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Derek Tye is my husband and lives his life Keto adapted. In today's episode he will share many of his tips and tricks to a successful Keto Lifestyle.

He is truly an amazing human and is sharing his insight into doing life through his brand new book, "The Lord's Prayer for Entrepreneurs: Unlock Success and Build God's Kingdom Through Your Business". Having debuted on Amazon's Best Sellers list I have to say this is a book you should really look into reading! It is EXCELLENT!!

You can grab the book here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/thatketoblonde

Learn more about Derek and all his business ventures here: https://www.derektye.com/index.html

Thanks for listening!

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