Episode 90: Keto Coach, Jessyca Reynolds - How she overcame multiple health struggles & disordered eating after discovering the Keto WOE & now dedicates her life to helping others do the same!


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Special Guest, Jessyca Reynolds: Jessyca is a ketogenic lifestyle coach, who is certified in holistic nutrition and cognitive behavioral therapy for eating disorders. She struggled with bulimia, anorexia, and compulsive eating for 31 years before discovering keto. She has now been in recovery for over three and a half years, and spends most of her time pursuing her passion to spread the word that there is hope, healing, and recovery from eating disorders by just eating real food. She also lost 135 lbs, got off of meds for depression, anxiety, bladder disease, and migraine by eating a well formulated ketogenic diet. Jessyca’s story has been featured in “First for Women,” and “Women’s World,” magazines, and she has written articles for Ketovangelist.com and ketogenic.com. She was a speaker on Jimmy Moore’s 12th annual Low Carb Cruise and at KetoCon 2019. She will also be presenting on the Fall Keto 101 cruise along with her daughter Super Keto Clara. You can follow her on FB or Instagram @CoachJessyca and learn more about her coaching at https://ketovangelistcoaching.com/jessyca-reynolds/ Any advice or information presented in coaching sessions, whether through an online meeting or through email, should not be considered medical advice or treatment. Always consult with your primary care physician. If you still want to sign up for my first ever online class at the special introductory rate of $47 sign up NOW! Payment must be received by midnight tonight (August 6, 2019)!! Go here to sign up and get in now: https://www.thatketoblonde.com/classes.html Thanks for listening! www.JessicaTye.com Instagram: @thatketoblonde www.facebook.com/jessicatyenutrition

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