Episode 102: Matt Gallant with BiOptimizers talks nutrient needs, cravings, optimizing nutrition and how to upgrade your keto for 2020!


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bioptimizers.com https://www.facebook.com/BiOptimizers/ Matt Gallant

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Gallant is the CEO of BiOptimizers and has a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. He’s been a strength and conditioning coach for multiple pro-athletes, a self-defense instructor, and has over 10 years experience formulating supplements. Fun fact: Matt’s been playing guitar and keyboards for over 19 years… and recorded a hard rock CD when he was young and angry.

BiOptimizers started in 2004. Wade and Matt had been friends for years and bonded over their passion for health and fitness. They were both some of the top personal trainers at World’s Gym downtown Vancouver.

Matt Gallant was also a successful online entrepreneur and he felt that Wade Lightheart was very marketable due to his unique credentials and story. Wade was a 3X natural bodybuilding champion and did it as a vegetarian.

So, they launched their first product together in January of 2004 called “Freaky Big Naturally”. It was an instant hit amongst bodybuilders.

They proceeded to launch several groundbreaking products in 2005-2006 including:

  • Masszymes
  • Organic hemp protein (a full decade before “plant protein” became a hot seller)
  • Several fitness programs

Over the years, Wade and Matt’s passion for bodybuilding diminished and their passion for helping others achieve a biologically optimized state of health increased.

For those reasons, in 2014 they rebranded to BiOptimizers. BiOptimizers has one mission: help humans shift from a sick unhealthy condition into a peak biologically optimized state. Biologically Optimized Health is a state of existence where all of the body’s functions operate in perfect harmony

Our unique health solutions empower you to achieve an optimal state of well-being in the body, mind, and soul. This allows you to have more energy, feel great and live a better life.

Our current products include:

  • MassZymes: the most potent enzyme formulation on the market
  • P3OM: a patented probiotic formula that is considered “The Navy Seals of Probiotics”
  • Gluten Guardian: eat your cake and get away with it
  • Herbal Parasite Cleanse: a natural herbal formula that helps eliminate dangerous parasites
  • ConsiCleanse: turn your #2 into a #1
  • HCL Breakthrough: a powerful formula to help with acid reflux and GERD
  • kApex: the ultimate keto digestive formula + an incredible energy booster
  • Primergen-M delivers over 74 minerals in a liquid fulvic acid base.
  • Primergen-V is a vitamin B-complex delivered in a liquid fulvic acid base for greater absorption.

The company’s current core focus is to fix and optimize digestion. BiOptimizers is “The Digestive Health Company”. In the next few years, BiOptimizers will be expanding their suite of health solutions into more areas.

For Every 10 Bottles Sold, We Donate 1 To Someone In Need

To accomplish our mission of ending physical suffering and optimizing health around the world, we donate 1 bottle of product for every 10 sold.

We’ve partnered with the American Anti-Cancer Institute so they can help us get our products into the hands of people who need it most.

When you become a customer of BiOptimizers, you can feel great knowing your purchase is helping serve a higher purpose and impacting those around the world.

Thank you so much for listening this and every week!




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