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#keepgoing Conversations is a brand new U-ology101 series that highlights the journeys of some of the most dynamic and engaging personalities across the globe, giving a bird's eye view into how each of these individuals uncovered their passions. We hang out in some of their favourite locations, their comfort zones, and get candid and casual about their thoughts on the pursuit of one's passion, and what they think it takes to "Make Your Passions, Work for You." About Jesse Jones and U-ology101: Jesse Jones is a 29 year-old marketing entrepreneur and creator of U-ology101. U-ology101 is a presentation that helps individuals identify their passions and take steps to actualize their dreams. It's an engaging and candid conversation that injects positivity, motivation and hope into the minds of young people and adults, breaking down the process to make one's passions their life's work. Visit u-ology101.com for more information and to book Jesse Jones for your school or event.

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