#16 Tamas Feher on Weightlifting


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I have hade the honor to have the great Tamas Feher on my show.

Here is a short copy/paste from his CV:

"Hungarian Tamás Fehér is a highly qualified internationally recognized, weightlifting coach, with over 30 years experience within the sport. He has demonstrated a significant ability to develop and encourage both male and female weightlifters to the international level in many countries all over the world.

He started his athletic career at age of 13 and his last international competition was at age of 41. He competed at world level for both Hungary and Uruguay.

Fehér started his coach’s career at the age of 20 in Budapest, in one of the bestWeightlifting clubs in Hungary. Later he moved to re-create a traditional Hungarian weightlifting club, which became one of the best in the nation. He also worked as assistant coach of the Hungarian National Junior Squad."

To learn more; please check out the link below.


I hope that you will enjoy this podcast!

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Visit Tamas Feher's website by clicking on this link: http://www.fehersport.co.uk

On his website you can find videos, books and how to contact him for learning more.

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