Sweats & The City Founders On Working With Your BFF, Their Side Hustle Turned Job, Body Image, Skincare + More!


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#45: In this episode, I am chatting with two beautiful souls that I met thanks to Instagram - Elizabeth Endres and Dale Borchiver from the very well known brand, Sweats and The City (SATC). Dale and Elizabeth are the fitness gurus who share the in's and out's of all things boutique fitness and SO much more like skincare, body image, brand building and their infamous snack times they host each week. They fill us in on the origin on SATC, leaving their full-time gigs for their side hustle turned mega brand, what it's like running a business with your best friend, how COVID impacted them personally and so much more.

For more from me, I'm over @rachLmansfield and rachLmansfield.com

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