There's Room For You (w/ Brian McElhaney)


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Megan talks imposter syndrome and creating art with comedian Brian McElhaney.

Show Notes:

[01:42] - New York Personality

[03:25] - Creating A Safe Space

[06:58] - Wanting to be Funny

[11:02] - Inspiration and Jealousy

[19:27] - Comedy Formula

[24:58] - Writing Songs

[27:06] - Removing the Unessential

[29:57] - Imposter Syndrome

[35:04] - Breaking the Rules

[40:12] - The Real Megan

[44:24] - Art From Positivity

[53:50] - Psycho Magic

[1:08:04] - Wanting to Be Funny

[1:15:09] - Growing On Instagram

[1:21:13] - Oversharing As Artists

[1:29:13] - Understanding Your Voice

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