Running out of gas is UNACCEPTABLE


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*Note: There will not be new episodes Thursday and Friday due to the Holiday! We will return Monday!
Sureeee, let's bend the expectations for Kemp! TODAY ON THE SHOW, we were organizing some files and felt like it would be a crime not to re-share OUR SPOOKY DEAD DOGSITTER CALL from last month! In case you missed it, this call RIVETED us... and now you can hear it again! Also, Johnjay has some tips for what to delete on your work computers before you quit, and we have a MONSTER MOTHER IN LAW CALL! Plus, WHATCHA WANNA KNOW WEDNESDAY, REAL OR FAKE, and an update from the world of PAYTON AND KADEEM! All of this and SO MUCH MORE today on Johnjay & Rich!

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