Kyle needs to cool it with the Rum and Coke!


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Kyle, please sit... we're all here today because we care about you and some of us have been concerned about the drinking! HAPPY FRIDAYYYYY! TODAY ON THE SHOW, Johnjay has some turn-offs that lead to the end of relationships and Rich's big flaw is he can't stop hugging strangers. Later, the group discusses their choices for their LAST MEAL EVER if they were on Death Row (inspired by The Mythical Kitchen) Also, a listener called us after they PEED IN A COMMUNAL SHOWER AT A SWIMMING POOL... that would leave us with a face flushed more red than Johnjay's! Plus, an ALL NEW FORGIVE ME FRIDAY and Grant is NOT holding back today with ADD TRIVIA. All of this and SO MUCH MORE TODAY on Johnjay & Rich!

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