Live events industry in limbo / North-south trade soars


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It's one of the last industries to remain almost totally shuttered by the pandemic. But those working in live music are still waiting to see a plan for the reopening of the sector, even as thousands attend concerts taking place in Northern Ireland and further afield. Promoters here are begging Minister for Culture Catherine Martin to announce a roadmap for live music to return. Shane Dunne, a concert promoter and festival organiser, returns to the podcast to tell Ciaran about the plight of the live music industry and how there may not be much of an infrastructure for live events left when we need it.The latest trade figures from the Central Statistics Office highlight the disruption brought about by Brexit at the beginning of the year.Imports from Britain fell by 32 per cent or €2.5 billion in the first six months of this year, according to the data published on Monday.Meanwhile, the level of imports from Northern Ireland rose by €776 million, indicating that Irish buyers and British suppliers are increasingly using the North as a means of getting goods into the Republic.Ciaran talks to Stephen Kelly of Manufacturers Northern Ireland about the significance of the figures and whether the controversial Northern Ireland protocol is bedding in.

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