Episode 24 - Darrice Griffin


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At the time of her interview, Darrice Griffin, was the Deputy Director of Administration at the University of Georgia Athletics Association. Since that time, she has been promoted as the Senior Deputy Director of Athletics at the University of Georgia.

Griffin is a former high profile basketball player at Texas Tech University, turned NCAA Division-I athletic administrator has many stories and experiences to share. Griffin gives us some insight what it was like to play collegiate basketball at the same institution where her mother was a basketball star and with a sibling at a highly ranked program.

Griffin also has many insights to share about being a woman of color athletic administrator at several high profile Division-I institutions. Hear what Griffin has to say about her preparation, networks, and how to persevere through challenges that only women of color face in athletic administration. HEAR HER STORY!

Hosted by Tolulope Omokore, graduate student, University of Central Florida, DeVos Sports Business Management Program

Produced by Garnett L. Overby III, Institute For Sport & Social Justice

“See Us Now – Invisible Women In Sport”

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