E22: Don't Grow Your Network; Nurture It!


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Marketers will tell you the importance of growing your network. But what if the key to long-term success is about nurturing your network? In today's episode we explore some power of creating deep relationships versus a large number of transactions.

A question I am often asked is, "How can we market our business to attract new customers?" This implies the goal is to get more customers.

But what if (assuming you have an established business) you already have all of the customers you need? Maybe marketing is not the answer (or more accurately, the question).

I explore a number of different ways to improve your business using the lenses. The ones I focus on this week are:

  • #4: ELIMINATE - What if we stopped all marketing efforts?
  • #18: PERFORMANCE PARADOX - What if instead of selling to customers, you serve them instead?
  • #24: VARIATIONS - Focus your efforts on the clients where you can create the greatest value.

How can you build a deeper relationship with the past customers where you can make the greatest impact? This is quite different than focusing on marketing.

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