L.I.V.E: Lizm Muzik Group & Attack the Sound


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When you decide to L.I.V.E fearlessly, there’s no defeat or downfall - only tunnel vision towards what you want to achieve. Four years running strong than ever, IPR is officially sponsored with SPEAK.STUDIO based in Los Angeles. There’s more to come with this one, so definitely stay tuned with us on Instagram (www.instagram.com/invisiblepodcastradio) for more updates. We are officially over 14K Plays! IPR Family Day 1’s around the world: Chicago...California...Michigan...Canada….United Kingdom...South Africa. We love you. Don’t just keep the gems to yourself! Spread and share. In this episode, stories and experiences from the owners of Lizm Muzik Group and indie band Attack the Sound hits home with this season’s theme - Lead, Innovate, Venture and Exemplify. This episode was recorded live in March 2021 at Chicago’s Midnight Cinema Studios. Hosted and audio engineering by Chelsey Sinceŕray. IMPORTANT: *INVISIBLE Podcast Radio DOES NOT OWN the rights to any of the music played in this episode.* Peace and thank you all for listening to INVISIBLE Podcast Radio! Artist Bio - Attack the Sound Attack the Sound is a self titled "Chicago Pop" (Chi-Pop) American band fusing all the best elements of music into one sound. With the use of the base elements of Hip Hop, Jazz, RnB, Soul, and Pop, Attack the Sound is a creative force of ingenuity, class, and style not only in Chicago but the world!! Interview Background Instrumental Music Provided and Engineered by INVISIBLE Podcast Radio Music Tracklist Attack the Sound - “Love is War”

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