Cloud Native Core Banking Platforms - With Dr. Leda Glyptis, Chief Client Officer, 10x Future Technologies


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In this episode, we look at a new segment of invisible solutions - core banking platforms. Core banking systems have evolved fast in the last 5 years along with improvements in cloud technologies. Often considered the most difficult part of the IT landscape to deal with in a bank, cloud-native platforms are now starting to deliver significant business benefits in terms of scalability, agility, the pace of innovation, and ease of integration.

This conversation with Leda covers the following topics:

1.40: Intro + As the Chief Client Officer at 10X, what does your typical day look like?

5.50: In your long career in banking tech, you have seen the evolution of core banking platforms. What is changing now? What are the transformation strategies you see around? What works and what doesn’t?

12.00: Cloud-native is clearly different from cloud-enabled. Can you explain why being cloud-native is important for a financial institution?

18.55: Digital transformation at traditional banks (brick-by-brick) Vs digital experience enablement challenger banks. How does a cloud-native core fit into these two very disparate situations?

25.01: The traditional core platforms, although on legacy tech are functionally rich (capabilities developed over the years). How do you compete with them? How do you address capability gaps and still enable a bank to be agile?

31.10: How can cloud-native core banking platforms enable banks to compete and co-operate with nimble fintechs?

36.05: What is the target segment for 10X? What differentiates 10X from the rest of the cloud-native core platforms?

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