IFH 448: The Science Of Maximizing Film Tax Credits with Zachary Tarica


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Raising money for independent films is the number one pain point for almost every filmmaker in the world. A buzz world so many producers hear now a days in "film tax credits." These tax credits are magical and it's like money falling from the sky but how do they work? How can indie filmmakers get their hands on these greenbacks? Hopefully this episode will make that struggle a bit easier. On the show today we have tax credit guru Zachary Tarica, CEO of The Forest Road Company and Chairman of the Board & Chief Investment Officer at Forest Road Acquisition Corp. The Forest Road Company (FRC) is a vertically integrated, specialty finance platform catering to the entertainment industry. Through tax credit lending, servicing, and brokerage, the team of finance professionals, tax credit experts, and lawyers work to empower responsible creators with the resources they need to bring their best work to life. The company went public on the New York Stock Exchange on Nov 2020. In its three years of business, Forest Road has remarkably funded over 150 projects in film and TV through tax credits and raised a staggering $300 million capital - working with state and federal officials and filmmakers to build independent filmmakers competition with big studio films. Zachary had previously built a career in the private equity business. So when he was introduced to the filmtrepreneur side of the industry, he saw an opportunity to capitalize on a cost-effective, double-win, where filmmakers would avoid the bad distribution deals and States would benefit from the jobs created. I consider this episode as one of the ultimate film business talks. With the challenges COVID has caused to every industry, the film industry is dealing with hurdles of the high replacement costs to make movies. Being able to properly get allotted film tax credits is a massive advantage. Zachary shares prime investor insider knowledge and resources in this conversation that will blow your mind. And of course, you have to hear his hilarious story of how he discovered the Indie Film Hustle Podcast and my book Rise of the Filmtrepreneur. Enjoy my conversation with Zachary Tarica.

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