IFH 444: How NOT to Get Ripped Off by a Predatory Film Distributor with Orly Ravid


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Today on the show we have attorney and film distribution expert Orly Ravid. Orly is committed to helping artistically and intellectually rigorous and important films reach their respective audiences via a financial model that is sustainable for filmmakers. Having established the theatrical, festival, digital distribution and educational services, presently at TFC, Orly works primarily on distribution, sales/licensing and contract/negotiation services with a focus on new media digital distribution. She also oversees theatrical releases, the various educational services, and the organizational overall. Called a “big picture” thinker, Orly founded The Film Collaborative in response to a dominant and overarching structure that favors middlemen, not filmmakers. She is passionate about protecting filmmakers’ rights and revenues as much as she is about good film. Having worked in the film business for two decades, Orly’s past experience ranges from programming to all aspects of the business of film. Orly and discuss the current state of distribution, what the future holds and how not to get ripped off by a predatory film distributor. Enjoy my conversation with Orly Ravid.

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