FT 070: Cheapskate Filmmaking with PJ Woodside and Steve Hodgins


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I had the pleasure recently of interviewing co-authors of ‘Cheapskate Movie Makers: How We Made 10 Horror Movies in 9 Years With Nearly Zero Budget’, business partners of The Big Biting Pig Production, and indie filmmaking duo, JP Woodside and Steve Hodgins. The Cheapskate filmmaking duo is specialized horror and psychological thrillers independent filmmakers with long-standing production, acting, editing, and writing experiences combined. They have collaborated on numerous projects over the years. Some of their shared work include Creepy Doll - 2011 (co-produced and directed by Woodside), Spirit Stalkers - 2012 (directed and written by Hodgins, starring Woodside), Frances Stein - 2015 (directed and written by PJ Woodside and produced by Hodgins), etc. Frances Stein is a brilliant scientist gone mad for all the right reasons - she's lost her marriage, her job, and her reputation. Now she has plans for her ex-husband and his new wife that will mess with their minds. Literally. The Creepy doll is about a man who begins to question his wife's sanity after her behavior changes for the worse, which he believes has something to do with her spooky and sinister collection of porcelain dolls. Woodside is the founder of PJ’s Production which focuses on book trailers, music videos, and promos. They shared the Tabloid Witch Awards for best editing (Frances Stein) 2016, and the honorable mention award in 2011 for The Creepy Doll, as well as the best picture for The Creepy Doll at the 2011 MayDay Film Festival. Before blending their forces, Hodgins worked on some of the best animations as editor or producer - he holds 63 production credits on shows like Beetlejuice, Adventures of Tintin, Wild C.A.T.S: Covert Action Teams, Rupert, The Magic School Bus, etc The Spirit Stalkers reality show, once a big hit, faces cancellation without a rating boost, which leads the investigative team to Gloria Talman, whose house is rampant with unexplained ghostly activity. It was an absolute honor to chat with them and learn more about their cost-effective strategies in making ten movies in nne years on no budget, their unique distribution model. Enjoy my epic conversation with PJ Woodside and Steve Hodgins.

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