Interview with The Record Breakers


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The Record Breakers are an energetic Canadian pop-country band melding the right amount of sunrise and sunset. Formed in 2014 for a Beatles-related celebration, the band began to explore and develop their identity. A special encounter with Blue Rodeo inspired them to bring country into their sound, which has become uniquely that of The Record Breakers. Like some of history's greatest bands, The Record Breakers feature two main vocalists and song-writers, Hayden and Bella. Rounding out the band are Michael, Devan and Julian. Coupled with solid musical arrangements, memorable hooks and big harmonies, the end result is diverse and engaging. Following their 2016 self-titled debut EP, the band released their second album Bigger Plan, in June of 2018. Most notably, The Record Breakers opened for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band Bon Jovi, at the Montreal Bell Centre in May of 2018. The band marks that as “an opportunity of a lifetime.” In 2019, they were crowned "Discovery of The Year" at Festival New Country Brome and in 2020 they were selected by CBC Searchlight to be in their Top 50 Producer Picks. Following their initial success, The Record Breakers released their first bilingual single "In My Car/Dans Mon Char"and the seasonal hit "Winter" debuting on Amazon Music and Spotify editorial playlists respectively and gaining well over 50k streams. 2021 brought their latest summer-themed EP Bonfire featuring the lead single “Sunflower”. Defined by Roots Music Canada as an “upbeat, catchy and summery” song, it has been featured on editorial playlists and many radio stations across Quebec.

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