Interview with Farewell Town


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Farewell Town was formed in Halifax, Nova Scotia while playing first as a backing band for emerging local country artists on the East Coast of Canada. They have gone on to play with country artists all over the nation such as Chris Buck Band, JoJo Mason, Aaron Pritchett, Andy Bast and Ben Chase. Since then, the four session musicians have combined their uplifting talent and passion for music to form the power-house country-rock band, now known as Farewell Town. With Michael Lloyd’s compelling vocals and dynamic guitar playing, Shaky White’s low-end groove and harmonies along with Jordan LeBlanc’s pristine guitar skills and Scott Musgrave’s impeccable timing, Farewell Town always provides an impactful show leaving fans wanting more. In early March 2020, Farewell Town hit the studio with producer Andy Bast in New Brunswick to write and record their debut EP. ​Released to Canadian Country Radio in April of 2021, "Let’s Be Crazy" is Farewell Town’s first single release from their upcoming debut EP. "When writing "Let’s Be Crazy" we went back to a time and place where there were no cell phones or a city for miles — and to have a crazy good time all we needed was to get in the truck, pop in a cassette, pick someone up and go for a drive!" The song was written by members Michael and Shaky along with Andy Bast and Mathieu LeBlanc.

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