Interview with Devin Cooper


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Recently named a finalist in SiriusXM’s Top of the Country competition, Alberta country-rocker Devin Cooper has released his debut album Good Things.. An autobiographical look back at his journey since he picked up his first guitar at the age of 7, the 8-track album showcases the storytelling roots he’s become known for, underscored with guitar licks only over two decades of experience can bring. “I’ve always lived by the philosophy that good things take time, which is what anchored this entire album for me,” says Devin of the story behind his debut. “The Good Things album is a really accurate representation of who I am and what I’ve learned in my short 25 years - a few life lessons, a bit of partying, a couple too many broken hearts and a real good relationship that makes it all worth it.” Produced by JUNO Award-winning partners Spencer Cheyne and Justin Kudding and bringing together all the musical influences he grew up on - hair metal, blues and some downhome southern rock - Good Things shows fans a new, all-encompassing side of Cooper. Recorded during the pandemic and coming together from across North America, the album showcases the two defining sides of Cooper’s unique sound - the hard-rocking country artist in Side A and a softer, more intimate persona on Side B - an acoustic collection of Side A’s tracks. “There has always been something about the rawness and honesty of an acoustic track that I found captivating,” said Cooper of his decision to include Side B in this release. ”These songs have so many working parts in them, I wanted to strip them back to their roots and show folks how they sounded the day we wrote them.” Devin’s latest single “Back Pocket" which can be found on Good Things is currently playing at Canadian Country Radio.

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