Interview with Brian John Harwood


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Barrie, Ontario's Brian John Harwood believes the path to success in the music business is paved with hard work and songs that come from an honest place. You can get to know Brian by listening to his songs and watching his music videos "All That I Was Missing", "Dad","Good Boy", "First", etc. He believes in sharing who he is and what he values through his writing. Brian has just released his new single "Savin' Up For A Friday" featuring the legendary Jason McCoy. The song was written by Brian, Jason & Dustin Bird - Dustin prodced the track. Along with his successful singles as a solo artist, Brian is known for being 1/2 of the country duo Kansas Stone along with Matt Davey. There's lots to talk about with Brian including the latest update on his adorable 6 month old twin girls. There's no slowing Brian down from living a life full of music & constant releases that keep taking his career to a new level.

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