Interview with Aaron Allen


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London, Ontario's Aaron Allen recently won 2 big Country Music Association Of Ontario awards: Male Artist & Album Of The Year (Highway Mile). 20 years of playing and writing led to the country spotlight that Aaron is in now and he credits a lot of his success to his producer Jeff Dalziel. LIke Aaron's music heroes Springsteen, Prine, Lovett & Earle, he is a storyteller who sets out to set his real life experiences to music. While continuing to have radio & streaming success, Aaron's goal is to stay true to himself and strive for honesty over just another radio hit. Audiences are moved by his songs like "Superman" which tells his story as a Dad and how his daughter will one day see he's not the "Man Of Steel". On his latest single "Just Getting By", Aaron is joined by his wife Aimee. The song is all about enjoying life even if you don't have a lot in the bank. In fact, Aaron sings "round here we roll on half a tank". Tune in to hear Aaron talk about his music career, his latest awards, songwriting & much more!

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