In Conversation: The Consul


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Gian Carlo Menotti's Pulitzer Prize-winning opera 'The Consul' is our autumn opera. Cast members Michelle Alexander, Michael Vickers and Eduard Mas Bacardit join us to discuss our production of Menotti's opera, including some literal magic on stage, the opera's relevance today and how Menotti's first-hand accounts of refugees fleeing Europe after the Second World War informed his writing of the opera. The Consul runs from 30 October - 6 November in the Silk Street Theatre. Tickets are available from the Barbican Box Office ( As mentioned by our guests, you can listen to Susan Bullock and a host of singers' performance of 'The Consul' on Spotify ( Follow us on Twitter (, Facebook ( and Instagram ( and head to our website ( to stay up to date with all the events and news from the Guildhall School. Intro and outro music is Little Lily Swing by Tri-Tachyon, licenced under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 (

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