Use The Power of HYPNOSIS to ENHANCE Your Health, Performance & FOCUS!


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When you consider the amount of stress and global crises going on, there’s no wonder why people are stressed, overly anxious and struggling with confidence. Whether the pain you experience in physical or mental and emotional in nature, you’re looking for relief and a way to find peace and mental equilibrium while crushing your goals in life.
Self -hypnosis is a drug-free, highly effective, “style of concentration not a therapy” says Dr. David Spiegel. It’s about cognitive flexibility that allows you to solve problems in a way that helps you gain control and maximize your focus and concentration. Dr. Spiegel is the Director of the Center on Stress and Health who specializes in hypnotherapy. He’s joining Tom and discussing cognitive restructuring through the lens of hypnotherapy.
Still not sure about hypnosis? Witness Tom get hypnotized and describe his experience.
“If you can measure it it’s science, everything else is poetry”
-Dr. David Spiegel
0:00 | Introduction Dr. David Spiegel
1:03 | What is Hypnosis?
6:50 | The Hypnotized Brain
11:32 | Physical Control in Hypnosis
18:44 | How the Hypnotic State Works
23:06 | Narrow Your Focus
27:33 | How Hypnosis Helps You
39:30 | Are You Hypnotizable?
51:00 | Tom Gets Hypnotized
“Where people make a big mistake about hypnosis is they think it’s about losing control. It’s actually a powerful means to gain control.” [3:00]
“You’re worrying less about what else you might be thinking about, and you’re allowing your executive control network to more strongly connect with your body. So, it’s a state of highly focused attention…” [8:11]
“You may not be able to control what’s making you anxious, but you can control how your body’s feeling, you can control how your body is reacting to the stressor.” [18:11]
“We don't see medication as necessarily being bad in the same way that we have with hypnosis [...] but it's still around because there's something powerful and helpful about.” [22:51]
“Being open and accepting [and] concentrating very intently is a good learning strategy.” [26:44]
“Providing intense emotional support can help people help their bodies cope with even a very serious illness.” [50:51]
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