How To Achieve SUCCESS FASTER Than 99% Of People (START DOING THIS) | Tom Bilyeu


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If you’re like most people, odds are that you’re not exactly where you want to be in life.
But no matter what your definition of success is, or what you’re trying to accomplish, the simple truth is this: you’re not yet where you want to be because you don’t yet have the skills required to get there.
In this talk at the Ice House in Pasadena, CA, I dive deep into the hard truths about what it takes to become extraordinary, regardless of what you’re pursuing.
If you’re feeling stuck, lacking ambition, or just don’t think you’re good enough to get where you want to go, then buckle up because this talk will shake you out of your comfort zone and get you back on track to pursuing a life of fulfillment!
00:00 | Ambition vs. Drive
11:12 | Self-Worth and Achievement
19:07 | Grit Isn’t Sexy
30:34 | Permission to Fail
39:13 | The Ultimate Adaptation Machine
45:39 | The Brain That Changes Itself
56:28 | Being Average Is Enough
“Fulfillment is often born of suffering. But it has to be suffering with a purpose.” [08:13]
“I'm not telling you not to chase money. I'm just saying it's not going to feed you emotionally the way you think it is.” [15:32]
“Facing what you've done wrong, owning it, accepting it, allows you to not make that mistake the next time.” [33:07]
“Every time something goes wrong in my life, I am asking myself one simple question. “What is it that I suck at?” I suck at something, there's something I'm doing wrong. By definition, if I were doing it right, then I would be getting the outcome that I wanted.” [37:50]
“The first step in this incredibly arduous journey that you're going to be on if you want to be extraordinary, is simply to believe you can become extraordinary.” [1:03:29]

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